10 Aug 2016

3 Record Labels That Have Been Killing It

Thankfully, we live in a world where music is constantly evolving and where there is new music, there is the massive success of record labels as well. From OWSLA to Dirtybird to Mad Decent, there are an endless amount of labels that have been killing it lately with some stellar releases that are nothing short of mind-blowing; so, we’ve decided to highlight 3 labels specifically that we feel have been slaying it:


1) Daruma

Initially starting off as a record collective and now evolving into a full-fledged record label, Daruma has set a new standard when it comes to repping incredible artists and releasing top-notch tracks. There is no doubt that you have seen one or two tracks released off the Daruma imprint circulating on your SoundCloud feed, and co-founder Andrew Luce takes pride in creating a platform that allows unique underground talent to get their sound heard. Don’t sleep even for a second on Daruma and their track releases.

2) Suara

Barcelona-based label Suara sure knows how to make the kitties dance! Founded by tech-house titan Coyu, Suara has been home to releases from legendary house, tech-house and techno artists such as Hot Since 82, CamelPhat, Jay Lumen, Dosem and more. They’ve been pushing musical boundaries by releasing the finest tunes from all 3 genres, and their cover art is one that you won’t be able to miss- each one featuring a different cat. Suara definitely knows how to bring the grooves, and you’ll be able to see that for yourself when listening to one of their newly released EP’s from CamelPhat called Light Night.

3) mau5trap

The mothership of all labels, founded by the one and only Deadmau5. Now, you may think, “well, obviously mau5trap has been killing it, it’s Deadmau5’s label”! Well, that’s obvious, but the past few months, mau5trap has been throwing out releases left and right, and has pulled together an all-start roster varying of all genres. We’ve got the princess of dark beats REZZ, No Mana, ATTLAS, BlackGummy and more, but it’s not like anyone can just be graced with the honor of being signed to mau5trap. Deadmau5 only signs the best of the best- the ones with the most unique sound and the ones who change the game; and this all-star talent is showcased in the lastest volume of ‘we are your friends’, dropping August 12th. But for now, prepare to be mind-blown by this stellar mix from mau5trap artist, BlackGummy.