2 Aug 2016

4 Tracks You Should Add To Your Playlist Right Now

With a new month comes new tunes, so we’ve decided to throw down 4 cuts that are not only our current favorites, but are just some staple tracks that you should most definitely have on your playlist right now. We’re not just confining ourselves to one genre though; we’re bringing you tracks from all sorts of genres, just so you can go out there and show your friends that you’re musically well-rounded AF:


1) ‘Tell Me’ – No Mana

mau5trap‘s newest prodigy and underdog No Mana has been blowing up lately and for good reason. No Mana has changed the electro-house game by putting his own one of a kind unique twist on it, his hard-hitting tracks never failing to blow your mind. However, things are a little bit different than his usual sound when it comes to ‘Tell Me’. The only word that can be used to describe this track is pretty– like you literally hear sparkles in the background if you listen closely. And once the chilling vocals kicks in, you’ll melt- simple as that.


2) ‘Right With You’ – Devault

Released only a mere 2 months ago, this Orange-County native producer throws a trap track our way that not gonna lie, totally hits us in the feels. Its chill vibe and future bass influences makes the track super catchy to the point where you won’t be able to get it out of your head, and the vocal chops done by Devault are absolutely flawless.


3) ‘Don’t Hold Back’ – Lucien Parker feat. Aaron Aye

This smooth rap track from Lucien Parker and Aaron Aye was dropped just yesterday on hip-hop & rap label Litt Music, and it’s as chill as a cucumber. Aaron’s sweet-like-honey vocals is bound to make you feel some type of way, and in combination with Lucien Parker’s production? Match made in heaven.


4) ‘Nobodies’ – LAIRE

Wanna know what it feels like to float? LAIRE can make it happen. All you have to do is put this track on full blast. I mean, there isn’t one thing about this tune that won’t instantly send shivers down your spine- having elements of chillwave and trap perfectly fused together with a young Lana Del Ray type vocal. It’s dark, but it’s beautiful, and warning: you might break the replay button on this one.