25 Jul 2016

5 Sets You Need To See At HARD Summer 2016

In just 5 days, the Auto Club Speedway in SoCal will be filled with funky, fun freaks that are down to dance and get groovy to only the finest DJ’s that make up this year’s HARD Summer lineup. With a lineup this stacked, you may get overwhelmed when deciding who you want to see. So we’ve decided to drop 5 acts that we feel you guys would be fools to miss out on during HARD Summer 2016. Check it out:


1) Destructo

It simply would be a rookie mistake to go to HARD Summer and not see the set of the man who made the entire fest possible, Destructo. Destructo is a man named Gary Richards, and Gary Richards is the man who made HARD Summer and all other affiliated events. Basically, he’s the sh*t. Specializing in this deep, funky genre of house that has some garage and g-house elements incorporated into it, Destructo never fails to get the people dancing.


2) Mr. Carmack

Following a massive 54-track EP drop on Soundcloud just a week and a half ago, Mr. Carmack labels himself as a must-see for any fest that is blessed enough to have him play. Mr. Carmack is one of the most musically diverse artists in the game, and breaks down all musical boundaries by diving right in when it comes to experimenting with a new and unique sound. His work ethic and dedication to music only adds to his authenticity as an artist, and he has the ability to make a crowd get rowdy and get those trap arms pumping.


3) Porter Robinson

Okay honestly, seeing Porter does not even need an explanation. Porter Robinson is God’s gift to this earth, with his beautiful live sets and ability to touch your soul in ways that you never imagined music could possibly be capable of doing. Just don’t forget to bring a box of tissues with you, and prepare for some major goosebumps.


4) Brodinski

The dark don of Bromance Records and all things french house, techno and a little bit of hip-hop, is making his way down to HARD this year to throw down a killer set that will unleash your inner demons. This Parisian DJ mixes it up on this lineup of incredible acts because he has a sound that he has mastered and curated to be a sound that only he specializes in, and that’s what makes him unique.


5) Kaytranada

Kaytranada is THAT act on the lineup that doesn’t play festivals or shows too often, but when he does, everyone loses their minds because it’s such a big deal. Following the release of his album, 99.9%, Kaytranada lands himself on this list as another must-see artist. Honestly, we have yet to meet one person that doesn’t get down to Kaytranada. This Haitian-Canadian producer doesn’t confine himself to a particular genre, but does nest somewhere within the genres of chillhouse, trap and nu-disco. Bottomline, a Kaytranada live set will blow your minds.