1 Aug 2016

Artist Interview | Paul Couture

Throughout the course of the past two months, we’ve been #blessed with two releases from none other than the spectacular Xavier White, both of which have been produced by Paul Couture. The first, a 5-track EP entitled “Cancer vs Gemini“, came out last month and provided listeners with a sweet blend of White‘s smooth vocals, striking lyrics, and Couture‘s polished production. The second – their collaborative track, Bad Blood – just came out last week and have gained a significant amount of press praising the hard-hitting beat and catchy hook.


We got the opportunity to sit down with the man behind the music to get a better understanding of where he came from and where he wants to go in his career.

Check out the new song below and scroll down to hear what Couture had to say to us here at Future Cuts!

FC: What inspired you to start creating/producing music? Did you play any instruments growing up? If so, what incited you to break out of the traditional composer model and try your hand at hip-hop production?

PC: When I left college in Austin and moved to LA, I had a friend that had an audition for MTV who needed to put together a demo. He asked if I knew anybody that could help him with it but I only could think of myself, so I worked on it and and my career took off from there. As a kid, I pretty much had every instrument (my dad was an established guitar player) – despite my best efforts, the musical path followed me!

FC: What artists/producers would you say have had the biggest influence on your sound? Give me your top 3 inspirational figures.

PC: Pharrell, Michael Jackson, and Prince. More modern artists would include Kanye and Chance.

FC: How did you come up with your name? Why ‘Couture’ out of all things?

PC: It’s my real name!

FC: Who are some of the artists currently on your playlist that you simply cannot get enough of?

PC: Chance, Kendrick, Stacy Kent, Aesop Ferg. These artists provide a unique listening experience in that every single one of their songs provide a different feel.

FC: Dream collab?

PC: Cudi, Kendrick, and Jay-z; if I could get them on a record it would be amazing.

FC: What are some of your goals moving forward?

PC: I would say that some of my immediate goals would be to get a top ten Billboard record and to have a universally recognized song. My ultimate long term goal is to help bring back the music recording industry back home to Austin. The industry isn’t there to support local talent and I’d like to work towards re-establishing and strengthening that support.

-Stay In The Cut w/ Paul Couture – 
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