12 Jul 2016

ATLiens & Felmax – ” Thank God “

As their first appearance & release on Uprise Music, ATLiens & Felmax managed to give us all a completely captivating, magnetic track.  “Thank God” is more than just a trap track, listening to this tune your body will completely submit itself to a feeling of absolute euphoria. The tune feels like it is produced at an almost slower rate than a typical trap track which seems to be what makes you want to listen to the track more than once. There are so many elements that keep you engaged, more than other typical trap club tracks that are out there.

ATLiens & Felmax are both artist who you should keep an eye out for. These two next-gen act are popping off right now, both keeping active and consistent, making moves to keep themselves in the public eye. Check out their SoundClouds as it boasts other collaborations with the likes of  I.Y.F.F.E, graves, and more. Keep a lookout for more power-packed tunes to get unleashed on their channels.

 “Thank God” truly combines the best of both worlds here.