23 Aug 2016

Dj Snake Delivers on Debut Album

Let’s be honest here, it’s Dj Snake Season right now. The French maestro dropped 5 singles that went platinum one after another in the past couple of years without flinching and toured in about every corner of the world. Now, he looks to close 2016 with his his debut album Encore. He left no stone unturned on this one, calling on heavy hitters for features such as Skrillex, Yellow Claw, Justin Bieber, Travis Scott, Migos, Swizz Beats, G4SHI and more.

Out of the 14 tracks on the LP, we’re already were acquainted with four – “Middle,” “Talk,” “Ocho Cinco,” and “Propaganda.” Of the remaining 10, the collabs with Skrillex and Moksi are already familiar to your ears if you’ve attended a music festival this year as it’s impossible to not here at least one of the tunes being rinsed out by a dj. That leaves us with 8 brand new ones, it’s hard to put a finger on our favorite but it’s gotta be a tie between Oh Me Oh My feat. Travis Scott, Migos, G4SHI and 4 Life feat. G4SHI. Most people of course will go with the Bieber collab but, that’s too easy and a guaranteed win if we’re being honest. We respect that he took a shot on a new artist from New York named G4SHI who absolutely delivered.

The album leaves you satisfied from start to finish – it has music for you to drive late at night to, reminisce to the good and the bad times to, drop on dance floors to make kids going crazy and everything in between. Well done, Snake!