29 Jul 2016

Exclusive Premiere + Artist Interview | Xavier White – ‘Bad Blood’

Our favorite NYC-native R&B artist just dropped his brand new single- can you guess who we’re talking about? Yup, we’re talking about the one and only, Xavier White. This beyond talented singer has been blowing up recently, following the release of his stellar Cancer vs. Gemini EP, and for good reason. Xavier deserves all the recognition he’s getting and even more, for his soulful sound and heartfelt lyrics can leave you covered in goosebumps.

Xavier White x Paul Couture - Bad Blood

Between the release of his EP and hitting over 100,000 Spotify plays on his track ‘New York Times‘, these past couple of months have been huge for Xavier- and it’s about to get even bigger. After much anticipation, his fresh, new cut ‘Bad Blood’, in collaboration with Paul Couture, has finally dropped on Lush Records. Starting off with piano chords and then flawlessly transitioning into a dark, chilling bassline, ‘Bad Blood’ will hit you right in your core from the very start. The rest of the track is pure gold; between Paul’s production and Xavier’s soothing vocals, this brilliant track is bound to become an instant favorite and its infectious melody is one that you won’t be able to get out of your head.


So naturally, we had to sit down with the man himself, Xavier White, to talk about the single, his life and creative process in this exclusive Future Cuts interview:


FC: Hey Xavier! Thanks so much for taking the time to chat with us. Let’s talk a bit about your new single ‘Bad Blood’ that just dropped- super exciting stuff! Tell me about the track and the inspiration behind it.

XW: Thanks! I enjoyed putting this one together with Paul. The inspiration came from seeing people who were outcasts. It’s about falling for someone that might not necessarily be accepted into certain groups or as people, but I want her to know that she can express herself and be herself with me. I want her to know she’s different and to embrace that- don’t try and hold back.

FC: That’s awesome. You and Paul have become sort of like a dynamic duo, between working on this track and your EP together. What was it like working together on the track?

XW: It was awesome- I mean literally once he started playing the keys, the melody followed short after!

FC: How did you and Paul meet?

XW: I met Paul through my partner over at Phase One, ever since then we’ve been bonding and cutting music together.

FC: Tell me about your EP and the creative process behind it.

XW: The EP has overall been an interesting one. I would get in the studio and drink my favorite whiskey; Paul would be there sober, and we would go at it and get the process going in the space ship (studio room).

FC: Haha, sounds dope! Going forward with your music, how do you see it evolving over the next few years?

XW: Gravitating towards more futuristic sounds, and evolving the lyrical content of my music.

FC: If you could collab with anyone, alive or dead, who would it be and why?

XW: Michael Jackson. He was such a heavy inspiration for me, way before I ever even wanted to become a singer.

FC: What message would you like to get across to the world with your music?

XW: Imagine, have fun, love your life and be yourself.

FC: Any tracks or projects in the works that you’re looking forward to?

XW: Yeah, stay tuned for the next release from Xavier White & Paul Couture 😉


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