13 Jul 2016

Fall Into The Feels | Feel U- Ben Maxwell

Prepare to fall into some future bass feels, courtesy of Ben Maxwell and Lush Records. Fresh out of the Bay Area comes a talented young producer by the name of Ben Maxwell, who serves up a dreamy cut comprised of glittery synths and a chilled out bassline that will make you feel “so high”, like its song lyrics suggest. ‘Feel U’ feeds the soul with its flawless incorporation of drums and kicks and honestly, if a song could physically sparkle, this track definitely would. Lush Records is notorious for their chilled out, gorgeous and eclectic track releases, and ‘Feel U’ couldn’t have been a more perfect addition to the imprint. The future bass gods are strong with this one- so sit back, close your eyes and let the feeling of floating on a cloud on your way to dreamland wash over you.

-Stay In The Cut With Ben Maxwell-

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