22 Aug 2016

G4SHI Is An Artist You Need To Be Listening To

Brooklyn’s G4SHi is leading a new wave entirely on his own, with both middle fingers up in the sky and his signature gold filled grin from cheek to cheek. A few weeks ago he earned a heavy cosign from Dj Snake on his new album ‘Encore’ where G4SHI makes not 1 but 2 appearances including a record with Travis Scott and Migos.

“Unapologetically himself, the young musician has fought battles and overcome challenges that permanently separate him from the pack, drawing from his experiences to help season his ever-evolving sound, such as growing up as an African-born Albanian refugee and navigating through life as a first-generation American.

As a natural tastemaker, he is fully involved in the creative process behind his artistry; building an ardent argument he’s not only the full package but that he’s up next. From the compelling visuals often accompanying his music to the detail-oriented compositions found in each song, everything with his name on it, he’s touched and helped turn to gold. His latest offering, a seven-track EP entitled Stairs, is further proof he’s only just getting started.

While successfully balancing a mysterious allure with a lyrically blunt honesty, G4SHi’s strengths on Stairs lie in his ability to curate the direction he envisions his art moving and in turn, crafts what can be best categorized as mood music. As an artist, he thinks bigger picture, allowing himself to make a believer out of the most cynical listener with ease, winning over new ears each passing day through his on-point production choices and stylistically forward-thinking vocal delivery.

There is a devious element behind each song on Stairs that is as charming as it is menacing. This can only be achieved through authoritative decision-making and risk-taking, two things the charismatic G4SHi has seldom struggled with throughout his budding career.”

Originally published on TheSource.com, reposted with explicit permission by the author, KC Orcutt