26 Jul 2016

Genre Spotlight | “Heaven Trap”

Trap lovers, we speak directly to you. We all know your favorite pastime is to get those trap arms pumping while going IN to that signature trap sound. Trap as a genre has evolved a lot over the years, being the bridge between hip-hop and electronic music, but still is known for it’s crisp and grimy snares, heavy bass lines and overall dark and aggressive vibe.

Trap has been around since the 90’s; but with evolving times comes the evolution of sound as well, with the help of innovative artists that are willing to experiment and bring something new to the table. Over the past year, the signature trap sound we all know and love has taken a new turn, as terms such as “heaven trap” and “dream trap” began to come to surface. The vibe of “heaven trap” radiates emotion, and makes you feel like a wave of pure bliss is washing over you. The originators of the “heaven trap” term is LA-duo Slander, and is used to define a sub-genre of trap that incorporates euphoric, uplifting and melodic drops yet still has that classic heavy bass trap element. Slander is just one of many heaven trap artists that have emerged on to the scene, including but not limited to San Holo, NGHTMRE and even artists like Grandtheft and Lookas, who are experimenting with the sound.

The reason “heaven trap” has been getting as much love as it has been is because it’s a new and unique spin on a sound that we’re all used to by now, and we naturally gravitate towards new sounds because we find them intriguing. This is why the discovery and recognition of upcoming artists and new sounds is so vital to our scene; artists that are willing to dive right in, make something unique and not confine themselves to musical boundaries that may have already been set by previous artists are the ones that will mold the future of music as we know it. This should be a message to all emerging producers to not limit themselves and expand their musical horizons- be original because who knows, you might just be the originator of your very own style of music too.