31 Aug 2016

Gryffin & Bipolar Sunshine team up for Whole Heart

After the wildfire like success of his debut single “Heading Home,” LA-based producer Gryffin is ready to continue his meteoric rise to fame with a brand new single titled “Whole Heart.” He tapped UK singer Bipolar Sunshine for the vocals who is no stranger to the dance world, previously making a hit with Dj Snake.

This isn’t the first time Gryffin and Bipolar Sunshine’s have crossed paths though, Gryffin put his own spin on Bipolar Sunshine’s “Daydreamer” a while back, creating an uplifting dance anthem.  Now over a year later, Bipolar Sunshine finally returns the favor. “Whole Heart” takes you on a journey through pulsing synths and echoing beats, while Bipolar Sunshine’s moving lyrics bring the song together.