7 Sep 2016

Imperative Cuts Vol. 1: K Camp’s ‘Lyric Ave’ EP

Imperative Cuts is going to be a segment in which we will provide you with the must-listen to tracks off of a recent, highly-anticipated hip-hop project. This is the perfect week to start this segment as we’ve had some major releases with ‘Birds In The Trap Sing McKnight‘, ‘I Told You‘, and ‘No, My Name is Jeffrey‘. However, I’m going to begin with a project that is living up to those three albums. K Camp released his new EP ‘Lyric Ave‘, the follow-up to his Top 20 debut album ‘Only Way Is Up‘. To start off our Imperative Cuts series, here are the must-listen to songs off of ‘Lyric Ave’.


Hungry N Lurkin

He saved the best song for last


K Camp slows it down and brings a smooth approach to ‘Touchdown’

Ice Cream

The most ‘fun’ track on the EP with a happy & catchy hook