16 Sep 2016

Imperative Cuts Vol 2. : Usher’s return LP ‘Hard II Love’

Usher is back! After four consecutive #1 albums including his last LP Looking For Myself back in 2012, the R&B crooner returns with his new project Hard II Love. With a lot of talk of Usher’s (failed) attempts at following the new trend of R&B, people have had mixed expectations for the LP. Personally, when his single No Limit was released with Young Thug, you would find me on the lower end of the spectrum in terms of expectations. Overall, I like the project. It’s not Confessions (although, will any album ever be?) or even Looking For Myself, but it is a nice refresher for all the early 2000’s R&B fans still out there. Check out the Imperative Cuts from Usher’s Hard II Love album below.



The best song on the project with the least expected feature. This reminds me of the classic Usher.


This song brings the perfect mix of new school R&B production with old school R&B vocals.


The distinctive cut off the project. Usher goes for a different sound and succeeds.