17 Oct 2016

Limitless returns with When I Was Yours

Icon Collective student Limitless has a well-polished electronic sound that caught Uprise Music‘s attention early on. The producer has been uploading his catalog to SoundCloud a little over 6 months now, showcasing his growth as an artist. Luckily for us, he’s just as good picking featured vocalists/songwriters as he is as laying down the canvas for them to sing on.

His new single out now on Lush Records “When I Was Yours” picks up where “Castles” left off, combining silky vocals with futuristic, head-nodding production and hooks that are designed to echo in your head for days. It’s safe to say Limitless is now an artist to keep an eye out for if your into Indie electronic music. Be sure to give it a spin and vibe out.