13 Jul 2016

Moody Good Drops Music To Go F*CK Yourself To

I think it’s safe to say that UK based producer Moody Good has reached a god level at sound design. From his monstrous 15-track debut album in 2014 to the experimental sounds of This Is The Investigation, the production wizard seems to always be pushing the musical envelope at astronomical proportions. Moody Good has been pretty quiet since he dropped his EP last year (perhaps he was traveling through space to acquire new sounds) but it seems he’s came back down to earth and dropped Music To Go Fuck Yourself To.

As of right now we don’t have a clue if these two volumes of MTGFYT are some kind of new mini-mix series or a look inside his stream of consciousness while producing. We do know one thing though, Moody Good never fails to deliver making well worth the wait.