22 Aug 2016

Warez – Up In The Air

Following up their release “Get Em Up” on Uprise Music, North Carolina based duo Warez is back with a brand new banger, “Up In The Air.” This song is everything you’d expect and more from one of our favorite up & coming bass music acts. The track starts off proper with a commanding robotic voice repeating ‘clap your hands, up in the air’ lead up into the drop which is full of energy and centered around a massive Serum sounding synth. The song has a lot of unique elements going on which makes it stand out and gives it all the power it packs. This one will no doubt be a huge hit during live shows and will be a crowd favorite from these guys for months to come.

You can download “Up In The Air” now for free courtesy of the duo. Warez really have a nice little sound going for them here and are primed to have a big rest of the year so be sure to add them to your radar.