29 Jul 2016

What To Expect From Tory Lanez “I Told You” Album


One of the hottest “R&B singers” in the game has just revealed the cover art and tracklist for his debut album I Told You. I put R&B singer in quotations because all of the post-Say It fans may not realize how talented of a rapper Tory is and has been for years now. The rising DJ Snakehips once said in an interview that Tory doesn’t write down a lot of his verses. Instead, when recording their single ‘Dimelo’, he walked into the booth and just started spitting over the beat. When he didn’t like a line he would scratch the whole verse and start over. Before Tory signed to Interscope, he provided an even mix of rap and R&B. This is something that us “Lifetime Tory” fans hope to see on his new album.

I advise any Tory Lanez fan to listen to two of his best projects, Conflicts Of My Soul, and his collaborative mixtape with the WeDidIt collective (RL Grime, Shlohmo, Play Picas, etc.) Cruel Intentions. Both of these projects demonstrate his versatility within the Hip-Hop game. Songs like ‘Know What’s Up’ and ‘Driver’ on COMS followed by ‘Honda Civic’ and ‘In For It’ show his ability to transition from a dope rap verse to a smooth R&B hook. Listen to my 3 favorite Tory Lanez tracks below and check out the tracklist and cover for ‘I Told You’, releasing worldwide August 19th.

‘I Told You’ Tracklist:

1. I Told You / Another One
2. Guns n Roses
3. Flex
4. To D.R.E.A.M.
5. 4am Flex
6. Friends With Benefits
7. Cold Hard Love
8. High
9. Dirty Money
10. Question Is
11. Loners Blvd.
12. All The Girls
13. Say It
14. LUV

3 Must Listens

Know What’s Up

If you still don’t believe in Tory’s vocal abilities, please listen from 3:30 on and tell me otherwise.

Honda Civic